NZ Year One. Day 2

To continue my self imposed challenge to post daily about my first year living in New Zealand, I have no further to look than my mirror. My frizzy hair is getting pulled up into the high bun again today. I have no control over my hair since moving. It drives me nuts.

I hear plenty of advice on what to do to care for my hair. Keep it natural. Layer it so its not heavy. Don’t layer it because it makes it frizz more. Wash with a vegan shampoo. Don’t ever use shampoo. Use essential oils. Use coconut oil. Use Moroccan oil. Don’t use oils, you produce all you need. Air dry. Blow dry. Use a t-shirt to dry.

I wanted to cry most days after right after getting here because I couldn’t figure out what to do with my hair. Colorado is an arid mountain region and I’m used to dry weather. And my hair was only ever slightly wavy: never curly. Suddenly I can’t get my hair to straigten to save my life and I have no idea what to do.

I know that many people will read this and say “oh poor baby, boo hoo”. I know this sounds like such a small thing. But when we first arrived in New Zealand I didn’t have much else to do. We came over with 8 suitcases, mostly packed with clothes and sleeping bags. For the first 3 months we were here, we didn’t have furniture or any of our creature comforts. And 3 weeks after arriving, my kids were in school and my husband was at work full time. I was alone, sitting around in a poorly insulated house during a rainy winter trying to occupy my time before my nursing license was approved. So I spent a lot of time trying to figure out my hair.

A year later I haven’t really figured it out. I mostly rinse with lavendar water, but I went to a new hairdresser a few weeks ago that blow dried my hair straight and I’ve been fighting this insane frizz ever since. *sigh* 

On the plus side, I have finally figured out how to braid my hair.


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